• Signature Fishball
    Signature Fishball
    Our Signature fishballs are made with 100% fish meat with
    no added preservatives and boric acid.

    This gives our fishball its unique springiness and flavour!
  • Crispy Fishcake
    Crispy Fishcake
    Made using only authentic ingredients, our signature crispy
    fishcake is fried until golden brown and crispy on the outside.

    Every bite is full of crispiness and wonderful chewy sensation!
    Try it at all our outlets today!
  • Curry Laksa
    Curry Laksa
    Brewed with a right blend of spices and coconut milk, our curry laksa
    is sure to whet your appetite with its rich and flavorful curry broth.

    Try it at all our outlets today!
  • SME 100 Awards 2017
    SME 100 Awards 2017
    AK Noodles House is humbled and honoured to be awarded the
    SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award in 2017.

    Thank YOU for your utmost support and we will continue
    to strive in providing quality food and service to you.

The unique characteristics of Ah Koong's fishballs

Prepared by combining traditional handmade and modern machine technique to create extremely smooth and springy texture

100% Wolf herring and yellowtail fish meat

No preservatives added

No boric acid added

Vacuum packed